Saturday, August 02, 2008

Solution: Just let me help promote your business on the spot on behalf of you

Should you want to dig in China's market, but not knowing how, you would need someone professional to handle the whole exporting process for you: product sourcing, project developing, quality controlling, customs declaring and sea/air shipping. And even if you have already been in the business contact with China's suppliers, you still want someone experienced to watch the business on the spot for you.

As regards the products to be exported, there are two situations: existing ones' direct-sourcing and new ones' developing (including old ones' improving). Although there are common concerns upon cost, quality and schedule of production & shipping for both, extra attention involving test, validation and approval has to be paid to the second one through the developing phases: EP (engineering samples), PP (pilot production) and MP (mass production).

Also the suppliers/manufacturers setting up in the export business are in two situations: with and without the authorization of export from the local government. For the second one, an export-authorized agent has to be involved in, although both of them have to get the shipping service from the logistics agents.

As being highly experienced in the manufacturing and exporting field, I can effectively handle your business in all the above situations, promoting the projects and developing the products, liaising between the manufacturers and the logistics/exporting agents to coordinate the production and shipping on behalf of you.

So, with my professional service introduced to your business, neither does a branch have to be opened here, nor do the frequent flights have to be taken back and forth, and you can comfortably stay in your hometown, satisfyingly aware that your business would still be getting well cared in China. Furthermore, I can even hire and manage a team to watch your business here as needed.